From March 2015 to July 2017 I will be a volunteer with the Peace Corps in Indonesia as an education volunteer. My permanent site placement is in Leuwiliang, Bogor, West Java.  I am writing this blog for 3 reasons:

  1. to let my friends and family see what I’m up to.
  2. to synthesize the experience for myself.
  3. to improve my writing.
  4. (jangan bilang siapa-siapa! shh! don’t tell!) to get myself to do more things in the interest of better blog posts.  It’s silly, but it works!
Here goes, life as a cultural sponge..

2 responses to “Goals

  1. I’ve just moved to Menton. It’s a wonderful place and I hope you enjoyed it. Glad you seem to have enjoyed your travels.

    • Lucky duck! Menton is magnifique! If you haven’t already, go see the Jean Cocteau Museum (free on the first Sunday of every month), the Prehistory Museum, the markets (one under the railway bridge, one in its own hall), the cemetery at the top of the hill (best views EVER and a fascinating mix of nationalities), the Bastion, stroll the Rue Longue if only for the super meta experience of having a tourist train go by you, and go have crepes at Le Petit Cave or dinner at Chez Mimi or tagine at the Moroccan restaurant next to Picard whose name I forget. And watch out for all the dog poop! Aaah I miss that place already.

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