The Journey So Far

fall 2011: EGYPT

Winter 2011-2012

Spring 2012

January 28th-29th
Menton to Turin

February 11th- 12th
Menton to Lyon

February 24
Menton to Milan to Marrakech

February 24th to 29th
Marrakech to Fes to Meknes to Fes to Chefchaouen to Tangier

February 29th
Morocco to Spain

February 29th
Tarifa to Algeciras to Granada

March 2nd
Granada to Madrid to Salamanca

March 5th
Salamanca to Hendaye to Bordeaux to Marseille to Nice to Menton

April 7th to 9th


April 8th

April 14th

April 21st to 23rd

April 30th
Milan to Prague

May 1st
Prague to Kutna Hora

May 3rd to May 7th
Prague to Vienna to Budapest

May 7th
Budapest to Milan


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