Maurice joins the wild things

Today the world lost a man who wasn’t afraid to tell kids that there really are scary things in the world, but that we can be so brave and creative and aware of our inherent worth in facing them that that doesn’t really matter.  At least, that’s what I learned through his picture books, many of which were staples of my childhood reading and reading-to.  My dad told me that when I was little, whenever someone new would come to our house, I would grab a book, sit them down, and make them read aloud to me.  Undoubtedly Maurice Sendak’s work inspired a good deal of my early love of reading and was influential in shaping my little mind and worldview. I thank him for shining light in the dark places.  Rest in peace, Maurice. 1928-2012

the most amazing interview with Maurice Sendak and Stephen Colbert


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