Grammar and all that is holy

Today, a little lesson on my favorite grammatical item, the Oxford comma, and why it makes my heart go pitter-pat.



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3 responses to “Grammar and all that is holy

  1. sara0902

    Reblogged this on theBabbleofBabel.

  2. Hi Thea, great blog! Did you know that GRAMMAR is etymologically related to GLAMOUR?

    • Hi Thomas, thank you for following so steadily! I did not know that– quite a fitting factoid. If grammar is near to glamo(u)r, we’ve got a stylish thing going on.

      Do you know about Janus words (my second favorite grammatical concept)? Also known as auto-antonyms or contranym, they are homeographs that are their own antonym. Examples include,”to cleave” as in “to split or cause to split” versus “to cling or adhere” and “to scan” as in “to examine closely” versus “to look over hastily.” Kinda mind-boggling.

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