On a scale from one to snotmonster…

Aaaand the million euro question: who’s sick today?



Having returned from Milan (a visit with my mom!) I’m moon-struck and alone in my room while my magnanimous roommate went to a sociology lecture.  So I’m singing a lot in creaky, nose-blowing delirium and blogging to you, my pretties… When you’re a slug, you’re a slug all the way from your first (toilet paper nose plug) to your last (creaky, snotty, sluggish, bleh) day… clearly, I was not cut out for show business.

Things I really appreciate right now:

my mom, who is coming to visit me in Menton on Wednesday! I am so beyond excited! It’s been 7 months since we saw each other before this weekend, so it’ll be great to spend some time with her.

toilet paper because I just made myself a little roll for the train from Milan back to Menton to blow my nose.  Yes, people stared at me.

darkness because it facilitates sleep and somehow my sinuses don’t feel as backed up when it’s dark.

blankets, for similar reasons

Mad Men because life is better with Mad Men.

This week because it’s the last week of classes!!!

You all.  I’m 132 views away from 10,000 views and this blog now had 40 subscribers!  It’s really nice to think how far it’s come since T Minus 7 Days!

Things I really do not appreciate right now:

9 PM fire drills with attendance lists and reprimanding for being too sluggish to pull myself out of bed fast enough

Arabic final at 8 AM tomorrow… If the professor won’t mind me drowning everyone in snot.

The kitchen in this dormitory being a goddamn mess every time I walk into it.  Sharing such a space with 24 girls is uncomfortable when some of us expect others to clean up all the time.

After this week, I want to FINALLY start catching up on posts.  I’ve lost the oomph I had last semester, which has some to do with the lackluster administration at this school, some to do with the social environment here, and a great deal to do with the fact that I haven’t been home home (Blue Bell, PA or Pittsburgh, PA or really anywhere in America) in 7 months.  I’ve become less excited to go to school each day or even post about things I do, as life in general is very pretty but god-awful boring around Menton.  Anyway, the places and things I want to cover when i get some chutzpah back:

  • Denmark/New Years
  • The Netherlands
  • Lyon
  • The Menton Lemon Festival
  • Carneval
  • Morocco
  • Spain
  • taking the train all the way from Salamanca to Menton
  • Florence
  • Milan
  • that post I wrote but wasn’t happy with about when I watched The Mummy on a Nile river cruise
  • an ode to cheese
  • the stupid words I know in random languages and what that says about the role that language represents in my life
  • the sea
  • the things that are the same in every language or culture I’ve encountered
  • art experiences this year
  • old friends/new friends
  • advice for future exchange students to Sciences Po Menton (basically, do your research, and don’t you dare go for the name-drop factor alone)
  • what I’ve learned about me, travelling, living in France…
  • my quick travel tip list
  • et cetera


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4 responses to “On a scale from one to snotmonster…

  1. Take it easy. Wash your hands a lot. Margaret Fay Shaw’s cold remedy: hot water, lemon and a shot of single malt.

  2. For our Arabic final this morning, I chose to write about the advice I would give to a new Sciences Po student. I started off by saying that I appreciated Science Po’s holistic approach to Middle Eastern politics…and then started ranting about the administration and student life.

    نظام سيانس-بو لا يستمع الى مشاكل طلابه و ليس هناك موارد جامعيية مناسبة و ليس هناك طلاب كثيرا لذلك يبدو كانه مدرسة الثانوية و ليست مثل الجامعة

    سلامتك حبيبتي

  3. I really appreciate your comment about the kitchen and how some people just expect other people to clean up after them . . . . BWAHAHAHA (evil laughter). Nudge nudge wink wink say no more.

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