The Hipster Diet

My brilliant roommate, Hanaa, proposes a new food consumption and appreciation system: the Hipster Diet.

The rules are simple. You can have as much of whatever you like to eat or drink, as long as you and your present company have never heard of or tried it before.  Got it?

Lumpfish caviar?  For breakfast.

Steak tartare? Did I stutter?!

steak tartare in nice

Rambutan? Every day of the week, mofo.  

A bucket of ghee? Gee, why not.

(I’m half kidding on this one.  Anyone who can stomach a tub of clarified butter is either superhuman or super confused about their priorities. )

but peanut butter and jelly? noob.

This way you have at your disposal a conveniently double-edged gustatory battle axe– nobody knows what this food item is so they are a) impressed at your fearless nomming and b) uninformed as to its content and therefore cannot reprimand you for your possibly poor but oh-so-delicious dietary judgment.  It’s awesome! You can swish into a room and say, “I had the most amazing [food] for lunch today” and people’s reaction will be “Wow, you’re so cosmopolitan!” instead of “That sh*t?!? Are you aware it’s made with whale blubber?!?”

Win win!



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5 responses to “The Hipster Diet

  1. I’ve never had baguettes before.

  2. TIme to introduce the French to scrapple!

  3. Gaaaahhh…craving Rambutans now! PS: I had my first PB&J within the last year.

  4. What about rhum baba or draguets

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