Word of the Week !

daltonien: adjective




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2 responses to “Word of the Week !

  1. It’s the answer to life, the universe, and everything!

  2. We learned a lot of random but useful words in French today, and of course I thought of you and your weekly words. Some favorites:

    un plouc/un bledard: a redneck (pejorative)
    un gribouillis: chicken scrawl, illegible handwriting
    il parle du charabia = son discours est incompréhensible
    déclencher des représailles: to engage in military vengeance
    le balancier est allé trop loin dans l’autre sens: the scales tipped
    vouté: hunched over
    louche: cross-eyed
    joindre les deux bouts: make ends meet
    bâiller: to yawn
    les 33 Tours: records, vinyl
    plié(e) en deux (ou en quatre) de rire: doubled over laughing

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