Gentlemen prefer baabs: Bahia Palace

Even in such a beautiful place as the Bahia Palace in Marrakech, the fatigue of a night of traveling didn’t escape me.  In Arabic the word for door or doorway or gate is baab and there are a LOT of them in Morocco.  It certainly didn’t help being with three other punny Arabic learners on my trip, as we came up with some seriously bad baab-related wordplay.

Seriously, though, this place is beautiful.  Imagine your feet sliding smoothly over the marble floors that are decorated intricately with mosaics of white, red, blue, black, and green.  The heat is palpable and heavy on your skin, but as you stroll on the cool stone, it’s as if your skin were taking a long, satisfying sip of iced mint tea.  You sit down on a step and admire the painted woodwork on the ceiling, the stark white walls, and you imagine the peacocks and parachute pants that would be your first investment if you lived in a place like this.


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