Can’t Sleep

You know those days when you feel like you’re coming down with something, but you’re not entirely sure if it’s an illness or a mental blockage?  Yeah…

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to do with my life, starting with what I really want to be doing in the immediate future–this summer, this spring, this month,then this week.  There are a great many options, but all I am really sure of is that I want to be an inciter for something new and positive in the lives of other people.  If that means making peace with someone who seems to be irritated with me or bringing your attention to something through this blog, either way, I’ve done something.  But still, I have that itch to make it bigger, more potent.  How, I’m not quite sure yet.

For now, I’m sifting through internships, summer jobs, and YouTube for inspiration.

Does anyone have suggestions?  I’m open location-wise, I’d just like to feel like my language/writing/thinking skills and energy would be put to good use.


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One response to “Can’t Sleep

  1. Avalona22

    Hi, I enjoy your blog. I live in Arizona in an ecovillage founded by Gabriel of Urantia ( Like you I came to that point in my life as well when I knew there was something I needed to do. This was prior to living at the ecovillage. Try to go to God on this one, and really tune in to what that is, so much magic opens up when you walk in faith. Also look into what you can do for humanity, and do check out the website and this other page for inspiration I think would help you:

    Best wishes…

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