I’m Back!

Sorry for the lag there, guys and gals!  Exhausted from travel, I took the week off, especially as that itch that makes good writing wasn’t quite there for me …  And who would want to read the halfhearted drivel I’d have sloshed out for y’all had I tried to put something together?  Exactly.  Me neither.

While I was out:

  • this blog got its 5,000th view and it’s 30th subscriber (heck yeah!).
  • I visited dear old friends in Holland.
  • I moved in to my new housing in Menton, France.

This semester I will be studying in Menton, the last city along the French Riviera before you hit Italy.  It is assez charmant as a small tourist city with palm trees, warm-toned buildings intercut with winding alleyways, breathtaking views… The abundance of senior citizens and their impossibly minute dogs will take some getting used to, but I am up for it.  Within the past week I have made it to Nice and Monaco, though there is an Italy trip in the works sometime soon and trips further afield are taking shape as well.

If timing permits I’ll catch up on a few of my posts from winter break, notably the rest of the Danish trip and my visit to Holland, and a few left over from Egypt.  (If not, look forward to some class-A photos of exactly what you’d picture when I’d say “French Riviera”)

I hope you’re ready for a whole new experience for these next four months.  As ever, and I will say it many times before my time here is through, thank you for being along for the ride.  You guys make it all worthwhile.


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