Godt Nytår y’all!

Happy New Year!  “Godt Nytår” is Danish for “Happy New Year” but whenever I say it it just comes out like “Good Noodle!”  My Danish New Year’s companions obligingly thought that hilarious and shouted it gleefully.  (which reminded me of Hyperbole and a Half

The tradition in Denmark is that you stand very quietly on top of chairs or other high surfaces and when the clock strikes midnight you jump into the new year.  I really like that idea and it got me thinking on the way I hope this year will go.  My record is abysmal with overly-specific resolutions like eating leafy greens 3 times a week or learning how to do a cartwheel, both of which made past lists.  This year, I really only have one:

1. vibe positive: keep a cool head whenever possible, relax and take a deep breath, smile (or fake it until it’s real), and have a good laugh in the end.  

Why only this?

Being a whiny, cantankerous boob toward other people has never been productive for me. While traveling especially there are so many opportunities to interact with people whom I don’t know and probably will never meet again.  Why make them see me as yet another pissy snit when I can re-funnel my energy into more productive things?  Every time I curse under my breath (loads with the bags I’m lugging) or give things and people the stinkeye, I am detracting from people’s (probably) only opportunity to interact with the real me.  Stress, panic, anger, and frustration can be great things if channeled properly and by no means would I ever deny myself the right to the full flavor of a good ol’ tantrum when the time is right, but the aim is to maintain a cool head and a positive projection:

I am a basically good person who is worth talking to whatever the situation may be.

It’s cool to have a few spikes here and there, but I’d rather not look like I’m going to bite everyone’s head off all the time.  Plus, that way people take me seriously when I have a legitimate reason to be a fire-breathing hellcat.

How about you?  Any new resolutions?


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  1. So you’re going to roll yourself in a ball when threatened? And eat earthworms? Sounds like a complete lifestyle change to me.

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