The Pimple on the Face of Paris

When the Eiffel Tower was constructed for the World’s Fair in 1889, it was poo-pood by many Parisians, especially those in the arts community. Some simply suggested it be taken down at the end of the Fair, some wrote scathing letters for publishing in newspapers and periodicals:

 “And during twenty years we shall see, stretching over the entire city, still thrilling with the genius of so many centuries, we shall see stretching out like a black blot the odious shadow of the odious column built up of riveted iron plates.”-William Watson, 1892 Paris Universal Exposition: Civil Engineering, Public Works, and Architecture

Welp… It’s still here and attracting millions to the city of light every year.  Even the view up is impressive.

As are the lines.

Haters gonna hate.

The view from the second level straight down

Despite the gorgeous views, I ended up fascinated with the pigeons.

The Quay of the Seine



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