Stumbling in the City of Light

The drain at the stairs up from the shopping center by the Louvre Museum: how more chliché can you get than a Parisian gutter full of cigarette butts?

After getting my art fix at the Louvre, I decided to head in the direction of Le Marais, a famous neighborhood that has a lot of interesting shops and galleries, at my aunt’s recommendation.  Tired of the Metro and unsure of exactly which stop would take me where I wanted to go, I decided to walk.  It’s a lovely stretch between the Louvre and Place de la Bastille anyway.  I ambled past the famous Pont Neuf, the now-closed-for-supposed-renovation department store of Samaritaine, and a few other lovely sights with traffic on my left and the Seine river flowing past my right.

I turned northward somewhere past the Place du Châtelet, not entirely sure where I was headed but always keeping the direction of the river in mind.  I walked past shops and cafes and tons and tons of pedestrians, turning left and right wherever my nose led me until I reached Les Halles.  I walked through the park and north again, where I happened upon one of the little passages couverts, this one called Galerie Véro-Dodat.

It was delightfully charming with a checkerboard tile floor and wood panels on the doors leading into little shops left and right, a high-end cosmetics shop here, a vintage bookstore there, until I came upon this: I KNOW! What are the chances that I would stumble upon Christian Louboutin‘s boutique and atelier just on a stroll like this?  Again, I was dumbstruck.  It’s not like I could ever pretend to have thousands to drop on a pair of cruelly sky-scraping stilettos, but it’s still on my bucket list to at least try on a pair of this artfully-shaped red-soled art.

…and it would be across the passage from a shop selling banjitars and pineapple ukuleles. 

I walked further west, finding yet more to see all over.

Why hello, Napoleon!  Fancy meeting you here.

Tired but satiated, I got back on the train to Thiais.


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