Junk Food

Mom, I promise that I eat junk food in moderation.  I figure chips and candy are as much a part of food life as anything else here, so why not delve into the realm of crispy comestibles, piquant potables, and toothsome treats.

Chili & Lemon TIGER CHIPS (and a dude snacking on falafel)

The flavors are interesting.  Chips, for example: cumin, spicy cheese, chicken barbecue, onion, cheese, shishkabob, vinegar, lemon & pepper, etc..

Sport cola tastes like Pepsi, but with a little bit of Dr. Pepper mixed in

A Twinkie and a HoHo and a piece of Clorets gum in its own little box

the ominously-named BROOD blackberry soda tastes like alarmingly tasty hand soap.

Diet soda is not the norm, so you get the full sugar hit from anything you consume.  Yummy, yummy tooth rot!

shrimp chips and green apple "Miranda" soda

Orange Crush soda tastes better in a cold glass bottle.

Tourist chocolate wafers

good ol' Pepsi

...and Starbucks iced vanilla lattes taste pretty much the same.


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