RAIN (finally!)

I felt like I was back in Pittsburgh for just a little while today: it rained for the first time that I’ve been awake to witness it!  Not just a little sprinkling, oh no, this was rain and thunder and lightning and the whole shebang!  I’m a bit barmy that way, in that my favorite type of weather is cloudy sky and a moderate drizzle.  Something about how colors look so much more intense in that light PLUS I have an excuse to show off my umbrella-twirling skills.

Gene Kelly and I share an alma mater, who knows if we’re both paladins of precipitation, too?  

Maybe it’s just the little Dutch girl in me talking, but I felt at home–almost enough so to run out and do a rain-dance with tapdancing and puddle-hopping and festive whoops, but unfortunately we were still in class.

Besides, I’m not sure I want to further cultivate the “crazy foreigner” persona. *sigh* A girl can still dream, right?


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  1. I like rain too. I like lying in bed listening to the rain splattering against my window. I am content. I Am The King Of The Rainy Country (I think to myself)


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