Midterms = self control

As I said in the Goals page, my intention for this blog is not only to document my time abroad and to improve my writing, but to synthesize and reflect on what happens.  Writing here has become a daily feature of my life, a touchstone when things are difficult… and an easy mode of procrastination.  The last function is a considerable problem right now, I am in the midst of midterm exams.  As much as this is a treat for me, I need to take a break to get my hand unstuck from the editorial cookie jar.

I will allow myself to post once a day in less than 300 words or whatever I can compose, edit, and arrange within half an hour.  This will continue until the cerebrum-crunching is completed.  Wish me luck!

(a little personal inspiration)


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One response to “Midterms = self control

  1. good luck with the cerebrum-crunching once-a-day post. (I tried that for a while but my brain could keep up with myself).Tom

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