3alaqat ma3aayaa (stuck in my head)

We listened to this song in class and it has been banging around my head for a week.  Time to share!

Hussein El Jasmi – Sitta el Sobh (6 AM) : “the catchy stalker song”

بتعدي في حته .. انا قلبي بيتكسر مية حته
Bet3adi fe 7at…ana 2albi beytaksar meeat 7at
You pass in one place…but my heart is breaking into a hundred pieces

افضل في مكاني .. انشاالله لسته الصبح بفكر فيه
Afdhal fi makaani… inshallah lesetta e9-9ob7 bafaker fee
I stay in my place… God willing until 6 am I keep thinking of her

تقابلني في سكه قصادي تفوت .. ببقى انا على تكه ومش مضبوط
Ta2balnni fi saka 2o9aadi tfoot… beb2a ana 3ala taka w mosh madhboot
you meet me on the road and you pass in front of me… I linger in that place but I’m not all right

حد يقولي اعمل ايه .. يحكمني عليه
7ad ye2oolli a3mel eih… ya7kemnni 3aleyy
someone tell me what to do… [help me] decide what to do with her

ليه يا حبيبي من يوم ما قابلتك .. وانت في كوم والدنيا في كوم
Leih ya 7abeebi men youm ma2abeltak… wenta fi koom weddonya fee koom
why? my darling, since the day I met you ...And you are in one pile and the world is in another pile

ليه عمري اللي فات والماضي قبلك .. كان فاضي ومالوش ولا اي لزوم
Leih 3omri elly faat wel madhi 2ablak… kaan fadhi w maloosh wala ayy lzoom
why? my foregone life and the past before I met you… are empty and don’t have any meaning at all

عملتلي إيه يوصلني للي انا فيه .. الله يجازيك
3amaltli eih yoo9alnni elly ana fee…Allah ygaazeek
what have you done to me? It’s brought me down to this… may God reward you

لا في بينا لا عشره ولا معرفه .. وابصم بـالعشره
La fi beena la 3ashara wala ma3refa… web9om bel 3ashara
no, we are not acquainted and don’t know each other…and seal it with a ten,

خلاص بـالشفا انا من دلوقتي ورايح .. مجنون بيك
Khalaa9 besh shefa ana men delwa2ti w raye7… magnoon beek
whatever suits you, from now on I’ll go away from this moment on…I’m crazy about you

هافضل ورا منك .. الف وادور
Hafdhal wra mennak… alf w adoor
I’ll stay behind you… circling and looking

انشاالله ان روحت لمية دكتور .. يا حبيبي دوايا ان انا استنى عينك
Inshallah en roo7t lemeeat doktoor… ya 7abeebi dewaya an ana astana 3aynak
God willing I’ll go to a hundred doctors… oh darling, my medicine is to wait for your eyes

(I accept full responsibility for any mistranslation of these lyrics. )


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