Input, please!

Now that the blog has been up and running for over a month, I’d like to hear your input! What do you like/dislike? Any favorite posts?  Is there a topic I haven’t covered that you’d like to hear about? A subject as-of-yet unexplored?  Maybe you’ve been holding on to a secret question about life in Egypt and you’ve never had the chance to ask?

This blog is a way for me to work on my writing skills while sharing what life is like in Egypt with you.  I  happily welcome any suggestions, criticism, questions, and comments.

post below!

and THANK YOU for being along for the ride.  You guys and gals are awesome!



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3 responses to “Input, please!

  1. So, in addition to how Egyptians see their own political place in the Middle East, how about dancing in Egypt? Belly dance? Men dancing? Have you seen any? And do the two sexes EVER dance together?

  2. love the blog so far! I think the links that are integrated make it a lot more fun. I especially like seeing the photos of the places and things you’ve seen 🙂

  3. Andrea

    ثيا، إنت كاتبة ممتازة! وصورتك جميلة أوي! هل تدخني شيشة؟

    I can’t wait to get to Alexandria and see some of the things you have! I miss you girlie!!!

    مع حب، اندريا

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