Tutankhamun’s Revenge

Getting sick is an inevitable and unavoidable part of traveling. We were sufficiently warned about a lot of things during orientation: wash your hands with hot water and soap, don’t eat from street food-stalls, avoid swimming in the Nile, don’t pet the animals (even the cuddly-wuddly widdle stray kittens that wander the streets), don’t drink the tap water (too much chlorine for our sensitive western stomachs), know the signs of severe illness, get vaccinated… and I’m doing all that! Somehow my stomach has decided to take the night off and let everything pass straight on through. Arggggh!  Don’t you know we have class in the morning, stomach!?

Thank you, Natalie Dee, for helping to elucidate my point.

Yeah… well… I was planning on doing a post about food but I’m probably going to leave that for another day.  Gotta keep my fluids up and all that.


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