T Minus 7 Days

Well, hello! Welcome to my travel blog for what will hopefully be a grand adventure to Egypt, France and wherever else I find myself over the next year.

A week from today I depart for Egypt! I’m nervous, but very very excited.  It’s one of those situations where the subject’s been talked out to the point of numbness, despite my excitement: “Yep, I’m going to Egypt. Yes, it’ll be a whole year! Uh huh, I might wear a headscarf sometimes. Yer darn tootin’ I’ll try the food! I haven’t the foggiest how much hookahs cost to ship internationally…” Fun, but it gets tiring after a while and that made it hard (up until about 2 weeks ago) to realize this is actually going to happen.

But now?

Holy chickpeas, I’m going to Egypt!

hope you’re ready, too.


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